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Abyssal Dision from Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere – Grade A Bad Ass

Jiminy Cricket Im, two blog posts in one day? Is the office on fire or something?

In life, people often model their appearance on admired actors and sportsmen. I predict a growing trend of people modelling their hair, clothes and other things on videogame characters.

And I don’t mean cosplay.

In fact it’s happening right now. Here. With me. Not content with co-founding the Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere Translation Project, your author has gone one step further and modelled some of his facial hair on Abyssal Dision, one of the protagonists of said game. 🙂

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Please stop using the word “cyber”

In the recent hoo-haa over the mass attack on Google infrastructure in China, today I learn that Hilary Clinton has called on the Chinese to investigate the incident:

“”We look to Chinese authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of the cyber intrusions,”

In the name of all that is Holy, please stop using the word “cyber”. It was maybe cool and relevant in the 80’s or early 90’s (I’ll let off the word cybercafe and famous cybercafe “Cyberia” for retro-tech-chic reasons). The attack was an “intrusion”, and if really state-sponsored then possibly a new form of “electronic warfare”.

Twitter – well my plans for a daily update on Debian Kata were a little too ambitious, a daily update could not be sustained and even my attempt at writing a tweet upside down didn’t help matters any. 🙂

Oh and PS. Happy New Year.

PPS. Arghhhh!