How to get free space in Dropbox

Dropbox is like having a “magic pocket” – you put anything in it and can take anything out on whatever computer, laptop, tablet or phone you happen to be using.

The only downside is that with the free account you only get a measly 2Gb of space…
I started off with 2Gb but now have 16Gb space all by doing one simple thing. I used the “invite to Dropbox” feature in the Dropbox website and linked it to my Google GMail contacts!

This way I send out a Dropbox invite to a hundred of my friends and contacts with a link that meant if they signed up for a Dropbox account, they would get 250Mb of free space and so would I.
(by the way, Here’s my referral link if you want to sign up using me)
You can guess what happened next. Over time as my friends creating their own accounts I got more and more free storage space until I reached a massive 16Gb.
Cool eh?

(Stay tuned for another post where I share some cool tricks n tips you can do with Dropbox)

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Should I buy a Kindle or other e-book reader?

The Amazon Kindle (or any other e-reader) is superior to a tablet for reading books.
Why you may ask? Well for one the screen is much easier on the eyes with an e-reader like the Kindle.

In fact, it’s as almost as good as looking at a real paper page thanks to the “e-ink” technology. You can read it in bright sunlight in the park on a lovely summers day if you like! Can you do that on a tablet? Would you even want to take an expensive tablet to the park anyway? What if you drop it, it gets lost etc.

You also get long battery life – almost a month.

You can also subscribe to newspapers and magazines on these devices (eg. Guardian, Times etc).

If you’re a bit more geeky you can also use the “Send-to-Kindle” browser extension to send snippets of web pages to your kindle to read later – cool eh?

The only downside I have found is that reading technical books and PDF files tends to be very clunky. You simple cannot scan between pages as quick compared to a real paper book.

So there are pros and cons – do you have an e-reader? What is your experience? Please make a comment below thank you!