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Master-Master Replication in Active-Passive mode

Yup, as the post title says I am currently undertaking a project to provide a “hot spare” web application server using MySQL replication.

The solution will use the hot spare (or “passive” server) for scale-out of certain classes of read-writes from the “active” server. Replication is being done from the “active” to “passive” and vice-versa. The IP address tied to the domain name of the web server will fail-over to the hot spare in the event of a disaster.

The failover will use the Heartbeat package. It’s all kinda fun and the Heartbeat stuff is new to me so it is a new thing to learn.

What’s best is that I have end-to-end responsibility for this project. This means that I designed the solution and will implement it and maintain it. More on how I get on soon.