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Sysadmin Book Review

I was recently asked to review an Apress book on Linux Sysadmin – check it out and let me know what you think or indeed feel free to suggest books useful to you on this topic.

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@Yuri – I take your point but books do have their place imho 🙂 If I had £1 for every forum post that was littered with inaccuracies or an outdated wiki entry or unmaintained FAQ/HOWTO… well, I’d be able to buy a lot of books!
If you buy a book you are getting text by an experienced person, proofread for technical accuracy most importantly something that can be read on the toilet without batteries.
Things are changing though, I have been hugely impressed by the quality of the Arch Linux wiki – it’s so good that other Linux distro forums frequently link to it:
I find reading a book is easier on the eyes of course. What we need is an easy way of getting articles on an e-ink screen like a Kindle but with the usability of an Android tablet. I had a Kindle and tried solutions like Calibre but the whole experience was a bit clunky.

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