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Should I buy a Kindle or other e-book reader?

The Amazon Kindle (or any other e-reader) is superior to a tablet for reading books.
Why you may ask? Well for one the screen is much easier on the eyes with an e-reader like the Kindle.

In fact, it’s as almost as good as looking at a real paper page thanks to the “e-ink” technology. You can read it in bright sunlight in the park on a lovely summers day if you like! Can you do that on a tablet? Would you even want to take an expensive tablet to the park anyway? What if you drop it, it gets lost etc.

You also get long battery life – almost a month.

You can also subscribe to newspapers and magazines on these devices (eg. Guardian, Times etc).

If you’re a bit more geeky you can also use the “Send-to-Kindle” browser extension to send snippets of web pages to your kindle to read later – cool eh?

The only downside I have found is that reading technical books and PDF files tends to be very clunky. You simple cannot scan between pages as quick compared to a real paper book.

So there are pros and cons – do you have an e-reader? What is your experience? Please make a comment below thank you!

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